A background check is one of the vital tools that is used by every company to screen the authenticity of their employees. The main purpose of background checks is to protect the security of the employees in the company. These analyses are often utilized by corporations as a method of adjudicating a job applicant’s past errors, character authentication, and health issues. Background checks are also used to recognize possible hiring risks for protection and preservation reasons. Background check companies typically offer tenant and employment checks to customers, business owners, businesses and other groups.

Hire Image: If we analyze the past few years, the background check industry has done well for itself. It has grown 4.8% to $3.2 billion, with a growth of 3.4% expected in the year 2019. There are several alterations that are observed in the labor market and a deterioration in rental vacancy rates over the past five years which has increase demand for screenings.

Why a background check is essential for businesses


A background check is essential for businesses due to the following factors:


     1. Wrong and misleading information in resumes

There are many job candidates who submit wrong and misleading information in their resumes. They mislead the employer by window-dressing their resume and writing up or adding things in the resume that are actually not true.

     2. Wrong Person Placement 

Due to the misleading information supplied by job applicants, wrong person placement occurs. The placement of the wrong person in the company can be quite expensive and demoralizing. In addition, the right person loses the job and is, therefore, not successfully placed. To avoid this pitfall and unfortunate happenstance for the company, outsourcing to a background check company such as Hire Image is recommended. It has offices in Rhode Island, Florida, Minnesota and Washington and specializes in employment background checks, tenant background checks, employment background investigations and employment verification, drug screening tests, and international background checks.

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