Hire Image reports that North Carolina will soon join the growing list of states and localities that have enacted Ban the Box laws across the country.

As of November 1, 2020, state agency employers are prohibited from inquiring into an applicant’s “criminal history during the initial states of the employment decision process and shall remove criminal history questions from its employment applications.”

Specifically, Ban the Box Laws prohibit state agency employers from considering:

  • expunged or pardoned convictions,
  • charges or convictions that do not relate to the underlying employment matter,
  • arrests not resulting in a conviction, or
  • charges resulting in dismissal or a not guilty verdict.

Under the law, state agencies may conduct a background check and inquire into criminal history at a later point in the process after the initial job interview.

For more information. read North Carolina’s EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 158 issued on August 18, 2020: FURTHERING FAIR CHANCE POLICIES IN STATE GOVERNMENT EMPLOYMENT


What is Ban the Box?

Ban the Box is the name associated with a campaign by civil rights groups and fair chance advocates to remove the checkbox on an employment application asking if applicants have a criminal record.

The intention for Ban the Box Laws is to remove obstacles that make it harder for ex-offenders to find a job. Without a job, it is believed that the chances that the ex-offender will re-offend will increase which would be detrimental to society.

Several statewide and local laws have already been enacted and many of them contain provisions requiring employers to do more than simply remove the checkbox.

Learn more about Ban the Box Laws in your state.