A person who is released from prison and who later commits another crime, or re offends, is called a recidivist. Unfortunately, recidivism is rampant across the United States. According to a recent study by the United States Sentencing Commission, almost three-quarters (72.8%) of federal offenders sentenced in fiscal year 2016 had been convicted of a prior offense. The average number of previous convictions was a staggering 6.1 among offenders with criminal history.

While most people agree that reintegration after incarceration is important to society overall, we also need to recognize, at a minimum, the perceived risks associated with such reintegration, given the staggering recidivism rates. Gaining employment is key to reintegration efforts and current legislation demands that we are fair to the newly released person. However, it does little to ensure fairness to the employer, essentially taking away employers’ rights to control their own hiring processes.

Employers need to be concerned not only with ex-offenders re-entering the workforce, but also about their own specific priorities, including protecting employees, customers, property, and finances. What are the consequences if this formerly incarcerated new employee is a recidivist? There should be a shift in the “leveling of the playing field,” so that businesses can perform the best due diligence possible to keep their workplaces safe, while assisting with reintegration in ways that make sense for all parties involved. Throughout this process, the value of background screening cannot be understated. A trusted partner can help navigate the complexities of the varying state and municipal laws, while enabling employers to make the best, most risk-adverse decision for their businesses.

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