Justifiably, employers will always want to know who is working for them. Not just at hiring, but throughout their employment relationship. A current employee can engage in illegal behavior as much now as he or she could have before they were an employee.

For the most part, continuous background screening has largely stayed in the on-demand sector, other than the healthcare and financial services industries. Now, other industries are starting to see the benefits, especially in light of the “Me Too” Movement. Employers want to know, among other issues, are they employing people who have a tendency to harass? Beyond harassment, there must be a certain level of trust. Employees also represent a company’s brand and have access to financial and other confidential information. Not having trustworthy employees can lead to loss of productivity, workplace safety, and theft.

With the consideration of continuous background screening, comes the concern over privacy. Balancing these concerns with the pressure to protect other employees, customers, and property continues to be a key priority for employers as they determine if background screening will stay at the pre-employment stage or continue beyond.

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