Beginning July, 2021, a new law takes effect in Alabama called the Record Expungement Designed to Enhance Employment and Eliminate Recidivism Act (REDEEMER Act). This new legislation stipulates that records for those convicted of misdemeanors and other nonviolent felonies can be stricken as well as those who have been granted a pardon after committing more serious offenses. Also beginning July, 2021, those who qualify to have their records wiped clean can begin petitioning the court. Expungement is not automatic. Alabama judges will determine qualification based on a number of factors including the type of offense and when it happened. The REDEEMER Act of 2021 piggy tails an expungement law that passed in 2014 allowing those who had been arrested but not convicted of a crime the opportunity to have their records expunged. It also comes at a time when President Biden has proclaimed April 20021 to be Second Chance Month where those who have made mistakes and allowed to rejoin society as long as they are committed to making meaningful contributions. “The expungement option is not open to everyone. Violent felons and people convicted of sex offenses will not be able to apply.

Hire Image believes that reentry laws similar to Alabama’s REDEEMER Act will spawn similar legislation in other states. Georgia passed their Second Chance law in June, 2020. Hire Image is a leading background check company and has offered its “Top Ten Background Screening Predictions for 2021.”